f : a

It happened in late 2009.
It fell out of nowhere, straight from space down to earth like a fiery comet.
More than a friendship, more than a blood tie. A peaceful, safe, unrepeatable space between two human beings, whom discovered they would be together for the rest of the days to come.


It was the year I first came to Berlin. I crossed paths with Fucsia while volounteering for a kids' circus.
She was the first girl I met whom I could completely connect. We were friends, companions, sisters. Always together.
We shared 10 months under the same ceiling. She went back to Italy for her university years, I stayed here.
I did this serie on a long phase of separation. Between years of seeing each other a couple times now and then. Between Italy and Germany. Between growing up and finding our ways.
Nevertheless, we were always together.

Nowadays she's back in Berlin.
We are always together.


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